7 Excited for February

Excited for February - yuniquelysweet.com

Hello, fabulous people of the internet!

I know I shouldn't even wonder why time flies so fast, but man I can't help it! How come we're in the end of January already? Though, I gotta say that January has been good to me. Since it was all about start anew, it lifted my spirit to do anything better. I managed to post every week, and actually got great responses for this post. I finally made up my mind and bought a custom domain (yay!). Although it still needs a few tweaks, I fixed my layout to be mobile friendly (did you notice?). Then, happy to find that my blog has been mentioned and shared in two blogs this month (Day Jobs and Dreams and Saturday Love Sunday) which doesn't happen a lot to an unknown blogger like moi. Haha

That's why I'm excited for February to happen. Because I want to do more and also have things I want to share with you guys. Things like, a new column for the blog which I hope would be helpful + inspiring and new themes for the shop (finally!). I even created this calendar wallpaper (btw, how beautiful that brush font is?) to show my excitement and make you feel the same way about February. ;) If you like it, you can find download links down below.

So, how are you doing so far in January? Are you looking forward to February as well?

Excited for February - yuniquelysweet.com

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14 Blog Crush: Salted Ink

Blog Crush: Salted Ink - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

What and Who?

This time we have Salted Ink - a design studio based in North Carolina. Sara is the main woman behind it. She is specializing in graphic, print, and web design. You have likely seen her work on Pinterest already because they're scattered all over there. I've been wanting to share this for so long since day one Sara presented her then brand new website back in July last year (!). It might not be the hippest web design on the net, but it sure has its won charm that knocked my socks off.

Why the Crush?

Well, it is very refreshing to see Sara's website/blog around the blogosphere. Its sleek design inspired by mid-century style makes the experience of browsing around her blog really pleasant. White space on this blog is spot on. It creates clean and crisp look. And how fun that gradient background is? It's pretty, too. Sara used subtle colours such as mint and cream that bring coastal vibe (a part of her main inspiration, btw) to her blog. Then, by adding over-layered elements here and there (which I think is a nice touch), she made her site look fun without cluttering it so much. Smart!

Now can we please talk about the typography? I specially want to talk about the font Sara used for body copy (ex: text in blogposts). Sweet Sans Medium is the font, a clean sans serif which is apparently popular in stationery world. This is actually the first time I've come across this font, and I really like it. It's easy-on-eye even in small size like Sara applied for her blog, and also very modern-looking.

Blog Crush: Salted Ink - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

The Hottest Point

I'm not going to rave so much about it since everything I am going to point out here is very obvious - you cannot miss. First, the unique angled cut of each side her layout. Cool, right? Second, how she displayed her menu bar. It's unusual from the usual horizontal bar we've all seen around. Ah, so much inspiration found in one little blog! Well, now you can see why I love this design.

Connect With the Blogger

Do you know that Sara is currently expecting a baby? Go and say hi to her: blog // facebook // twitter // instagram // pinterest.

Now your turn, what do you think of Sara's blog? Have you ever heard about her?

ps. Check out this fun playful blog that will sweep you off your feet!

8 Recent Work: Catharina Zieren

Recent Work: Catharina Zieren - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

Recently I have developed a love for gold accent in mostly everything, including blog design. So, I couldn't be any happier when Cathrine came to me and wanted something elegant with gold for her blog, Catharina Zieren. It is a lifestyle blog that fills with her everyday life in two beautiful countries, Thailand and Indonesia. Cathrine also blogs about beauty in between.

Now onto the blog design... 

Black and red is a great combination. Cathrine and I agreed that when paired with gold, they make such a perfect combo for a classy look she desired. So, we decided to go with them for our colour palette. Of course with an addition of white as the main background. Because I think it makes blogposts easier to read and gives a clean look. 

Although we were trying to keep everything simple and neat, we didn't like it to be flat and plain. The solution we came up with was to add some little ornaments in the design to make it interesting + pretty. As I said, we wanted this blog clutter-free, so messy sidebar was out of question. We carefully selected a few widgets for sidebar that we thought important to visitors. Then, utilizing a sticky menu for displaying categories and other links.

Well, I think we both did a good job working together. I hope with this brand new design, Cathrine will continue to blog more and create splendid content for her readers. Now guys, what do you think of Cathrine's new blog design? See the blog in action and tell me your opinion about it!

ps. If you're on the lookout for custom design, get in touch!

21 Fontastic 08: Handwriting + Free Fonts

Fontastic 08: Handwriting + Free Fonts - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

Despite the fact that it's kind of dying in real life, handwriting has been a favourite for the last few years among bloggers and creatives. And I do not think the hype would die any time soon. On the contrary, I predict it will only get more popular - as we all can see how many more people started implementing it into their blogs + works lately. I guess it's probably because everything is digital nowadays, so "old-fashioned" stuff has become more appealing. Since it gives a personal feel + unique touch into what they create. 

Now, if you're also interested in getting yourself into it and want to master a new skill, I have gathered a handful of links for you to begin with. From an easy guide to improving your handwriting + free worksheet, basic techniques of various forms of handwriting art, to how to digitize your artwork.

Helpful Resources

First thing first, let's find you some weapons before going to the battle. Noor shared all the tools you need to get started.

You're not confident with how your handwriting look? Here's 5 easy ways to improve your handwriting by Mellisa Esplin. There's a free worksheet you can use to practice. It's so easy, but you have to be diligent!

It's not exactly a tutorial, but this behind-the-scenes of Jasmine Dowling's work over A Pair & A Spare will give you an idea how to work with your brushes.

Oh So Beautiful Paper invited Ladyfingers Letterpress to show you how to personalize envelope address with hand lettering. If you love sending mails, you must give this a shot. You'll make the receiver feel extra special with it.

Julie Blanner has a great tutorial to learn calligraphy in only, wait for it, 5 DAYS!

Since we're in a digital era, you might want to turn your work into a digital file. Melyssa will tell you how to make your hand-lettered art into digital in Photoshop. No scanner needed!

While Jennifer of Hello Brio explained how to digitize it using Illustrator. BTW, she has a ton of hand lettering tutorials on her blog. Make sure you check them all out.

And how about create your own font based on handwriting? Liza wrote an amazing step-by-step on DIY handwriting font. Cool!

A fun lettering project conducted by Miranti. This will be a great medium to show off your progress and keep you motivated as well throughout the year!

Well, that's it! I hope I have covered this topic well. I honestly was confused with the terms. I got suspicious when all the articles and tutorials I wanted to feature here didn't mention anything about handwriting. Instead they all kept using the term "hand lettering". I was not sure whether to change my post title to "hand lettering" or not. You know, to save myself from embarrassment. But, in the end I kept "hand writing" as the title since this post is mixed-up with stuff other than lettering. This made me realized that there's so much I have yet to learn about this design world. That's why please enlighten me with your knowledge or correct me if I'm wrong.

Free Fonts To Download

I also put up a round-up of beautiful handwritten fonts if you're not an artsy type of person but dying to follow the trend. These are great alternative you can use for your blog, blogposts, etc. Links below!

Fontastic 08: Handwriting + Free Fonts - yuniquelysweet.blogspot.com

So...are you loving this handwriting trend in the blogosphere? Would you like to try it out yourself? Know another places to learn it? I'm eager to hear what you have to say about it!

ps. Here are free script fonts to check out!

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